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Welcome to Stingray!

  • Auto conversion began with 11/1/2015 renewals. 
    As of 9/28/2016, all auto renewals are now in Stingray!
  • Home conversion began with 4/1/2016 renewals. 
    As of 2/24/2017, all home renewals are now in Stingray!
  • Umbrella conversion began with 11/1/2016 renewals.
    As of 10/1/2017, all umbrella renewals are now in Stingray!
  • Paperless functionality and the yourINSURANCE consumer site was launched in June 2017.
  • Claims conversion should be complete by 11/15/2017.
  • ClaimsPay implementation 9/26/2022.

Any questions, issues, or concerns can be directed to the help desk.  Thanks!

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